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The Neilston Windfarm Legacy

The Neilston Windfarm Legacy (NWL) was created following a donation of £2 million from Neilston Development Trust (NDT). The donated amount was what remained after the sale of the Neilston Community Windfarm in 2017. This donation is being carefully managed so that the community of Neilston will benefit for many years to come.

The purpose of NWL is to advance community development within the G78 3 postcode area (what we call ‘the community’) by giving financial support to a range of projects and initiatives. The aim is to give the people of Neilston a unique and exciting opportunity to take an active part in shaping, developing and sustaining the environmental, human, cultural, recreational and economic assets of our community.

The Legacy is managed independently by a small Board of Trustees, with financial advice coming from an organisation with a dedicated charities team.

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